Truth collapses in front of rage, to face another day!

Bantwal: In a rare incident, an eighth standard student collapsed after she revealed the truth related to the midday meal served in her school at a village student meet where many villagers, parents and education department officials took part. The enraged lady principal against whom the student complained, took on the girl before coming to terms, after latter's parents and villagers protested vehemently against principal’s arrogant attitude.

The incident took place at Neerupade Higher Primary School in Balthila Gram Panchayath limits. When the students were asked to list the problems faced by them, an honest 8th standard girl “recited” the problems where she said , the school management which used to provide yogurt, lemon rice and other items once a week had stopped giving those. Instead, students were fed with only rice and dilute sambar throughout the week, she had expressed.

Villagers and officials left the meeting after cautioning the principal to take measures to improve the quality of mid day meals in future.

The defaced principal Jayashri S Howdhi, Bijapur, was waiting for the moment to take on the student. Soon after the officials and the rest left the school premises, she abused the 8th grade girl for her “honest narration” which exposed the principal’s lapses. Girl who did not expect the principal to react in that manner, collapsed in fear and other teachers had to come to her aid to help her regain consciousness.

When parents and villagers came to know about the incident they all rushed to the school and demanded transfer of school principal immediately. Education department officials rushed to the school again to pacify the villagers and to enquire about the health of the student at the receiving end. Protestors demanded that the Block education Officer (BEO) visit the school immediately to verify the status.

Protestors quietened after getting an assurance of suitable action from the BEO who was busy in a meeting that time. However, the villagers warned of intensifying their protests if no action was taken during BEO’s next visit.

In the mean time, there are allegations against the principal for permanently shutting down student wash rooms after some students damaged water taps. It is gathered, many school girls are facing difficulty on this count during breaks.



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