In with the times: Changing trends in jewellery

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MangaloreDiary News

Revathi Kant speaks about how elements from heritage can be designed for modern sensibilities

If there is any one thing that helps you put the best foot forward and get everybody’s attention, it has to be your clothes and jewellery. “Jewellery cannot be compared with fashion trends which are transient. Jewellery has to be contemporary and also last long,” points out Revathi Kant, the chief design officer of Titan Company Limited that celebrated the 20th anniversary of its brand Tanishq.

Revathi notes how the momentum of trends has picked up in India in a big way. “Earlier, if a trend was spotted in Paris Fashion Week, it took some time before it came to India. Now, people watch these fashion shows online and the trend arrives in India in no time. One needs to closely watch what is happening around the globe,” she states adding one of the positive things about jewellery is that although one takes elements from heritage, one can contemporise it and make it relevant for today’s times.

One such collection has been created by Tanishq for the movie Padmavati. Speaking about the collection that celebrates Rajasthani jewellery and is inspired by royalty, she says, “The director’s visualisation, marrying it to the character and interpreting it has been one of the biggest challenges. That is the difference when you are doing your own collection and working with somebody’s imagination.”

A lot of research went into designing the queen’s jewellery. A team of designers and 200 kaarigars worked continuously to churn out a collection that included ear rings, ear cuffs and bangles. “Padmavati’s character is all about purity. So the flower lotus, a symbol of purity, is a beautiful motif in the collection,” she shares. Jewellery for two other characters have also been designed. “While the Rajput king’s jewellery has been embellished with kundans, the other negative character’s jewellery has raw and rough edges.”

“Jewellery is also an important accessory and is no longer a precious metal storedin the locker. Women prefer jewellery which are light weight, not very expensive so that they can wear different pieces. Be it for work, cocktail parties or a special evening… there is jewellery for every occasion.”


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