Three Al-Qaeda operatives had planned to kill PM Modi arrested by NIA

The arrested men are believed to have been involved in the planning of five different court attacks. Explosives were confiscated from the suspects' residence.

National Investigation Agency(NIA) arrested three suspected Al-Qaeda operatives on Monday after conducting several raids in the city.

As per reports, the three had planned to attack 22 eminent Indian politicians including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Besides, they were allegedly involved in threatening embassies of various countries in India.

The suspects have been identified as M Khareem, Asif Sultan Mohammed and Abbas Ali and were arrested from Usmannagar, G R Nagar and Ismailpuram respectively.

Explosive materials were also seized from the accused. As per PTI reports, NIA conducted raids on several places on specific information that suspected Al-Qaeda activists were operating from South Tamil Nadu in and around Madurai.


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