Thick fog affects visibility at city airport, delays flights


Mangaluru, Nov 5: Because of thick fog the district has been experiencing since several days, some flights made delayed landing at the international airport here on Friday November 4 morning.

Two Jet Airways flights from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which were supposed to land from 7.45 and at 8.50 am, had to go to Bengaluru. They returned at around 10.45 am. Air India Express flight from Dubai which was scheduled to land at 8 am flew to Kozhikode and returned at 11 am.

On Thursday also fog had forced Air India Express flight from Dubai which reached here at around 6 am to hover around for sometime before flying to Kozhikode. The flight came back after two and half hours, and landed at 8.30 am. The Jet Airways flight from Abu Dhabi which approached the local airport for landing at 7.30 am was redirected to Bengaluru. It came back at 9.40 am. Likewise, the Jet Airways flight to the city from Bengaluru, which was scheduled to reach at 8.20 am, came with a delay of an hour. The Air India Express flight from Dammam which arrived here at 5.30 am had an uneventful landing.

The fog gets thicker after 6 am, creating visibility problems at the airport and elsewhere.

The entire coastline has been experiencing thick fog since the last some days. The fog is particularly thicker in hilly terrain.


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