Terror suspect brought to Mysuru court complex

Dawood Sulaiman was brought to Mysuru in connection with the probe into the August 1 blast in the toilet on the court complex.

One of the five terror suspects arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the blasts across different courts in three States was brought to Mysuru on Friday as part of the investigation into the explosion that took place in the toilet on the Mysuru court complex premises on August 1.

The police said Dawood Sulaiman, who had been arrested by the NIA in Tamil Nadu, was brought to the city from Bengaluru and taken to the toilet on the court complex amid tight security. After the investigation and mahazar, the NIA team took the suspect away. “They left for Madurai,” a police official said. A senior police official, who was privy to the investigation, said Suleiman had arrived in Mysuru on August 1 from Madurai via Salem by bus. After reaching the court complex, he went to the toilet, where he allegedly kept an improvised explosive device (IED). While leaving the toilet, he had given Rs. 10 to the toilet cleaner when the latter asked for money. “The toilet cleaner has identified the suspect,” a police official said.

The deafening explosion around 4 p.m. on August 1 had shattered the windowpanes and blown off a portion of the asbestos roof of the toilet. Soon after the explosion, court proceedings were suspended and people were evacuated from the premises.


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