Minister UT Khader supports Cyber Bullying victim Suhana Sayeed; asks for legal action

Mangaluru/Bengaluru: Muslim girl Suhana Sayeed from Shivamogga, Karnataka state has become a victim of cyber bullying as she sung a Hindu devotional song in a reality show conducted by a Kannada TV channel in Karnataka.

A Facebook post by a Muslim group has asked her to give up the pardah as she sung the song in front of  men showing her beauty. The post also criticised her singing calling it an adventure which could adversely impact her and her parents as they won’t get space in heaven. The girl is being bullied in social media sites too.

Speaking on the controversy, Karnataka State Minister for Food and Civil Supplies UT Khader said that, “No one has the right to criticise the girl for singing a Hindu devotional song in a contest. Singing a Hindu devotional song is not a crime and there are religious leaders, priests to correct the mistakes of a true Muslim and groups need not correct the alleged mistake of the girl.” The minister also urged the concerned officials to take legal action against those who blamed the girl in the social media circles.



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