Shabnam Thakur, Jamboree participant who took ill to be discharged today

Mysuru: Shabnam Thakur, a 16-year-old student from Himachal Pradesh who was admitted to Jayadeva Hospital after she suffered breathlessness, is recovering and will be discharged on Tuesday. Shabnam was in the city to take part in the recently held 17th national-level Scouts and Guides Jamboree.

PGR Sindhia, Chief Commissioner, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka on Monday met Shabhnam and her family members and enquired about her health condition. “While she was taking part in an adventure event during national jamboree on January 2, she complained of breathing problem. Immediate the concern senior scouts and guides taken her to make shift hospital at Jamboree premise. Due to breathlessness, she was refered to KR Hospital and later to Jayadeva Hospital where she is undergoing treatment. According to doctors who are treating her, there was no heart operation done but just fluid was taken from the chest. Doctors have given best treatment and district scouts and guides led by Vishwanath and team have taken care well. Though she is covered under national jamboree insurance, for time being, all the medical expenses and flight charges and taxi charges for all the four members are borne by Mysuru district scouts and guides. The doctors who are treating her said that she is normal and fit to travel any distance. On Tuesday, they will be departing to their place; we have booked flight from Bengaluru to Chandigargh and taxi from Chandigarh to their place”.

Pawanbala, district training commissioner (Himachal Pradesh), who is attending to Shabnam, said: “She had breathing problem while taking part in the adventure event. She is now recovering. The hospital is taking good care of her.”

Shabnam’s parents have arrived and Himachal government has reported given Rs 20,000 to her parents.



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