Senior Congress Leader asks Prime Minister to defend India during 3rd World War

Mangaluru: “Super powers including US are preparing for third world war, therefore our Prime Minister Narendra Modi should wake up and move with preparations for third world war," urged Senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary on Thursday speaking in a press meet held at press club in the city.

“Our Prime Minister seems ‘relaxed’ with no preparation to defend India, if third world war commence at any time.  The powerful nations of the world have been building bunkers, collecting weapons and making other necessary preparations for the upcoming war. Therefore it is the responsibility of the union government to prepare us for the third world war,” he added.

Speaking on the union budget introduced on February 01, Poojary said that, the government has proposed a balanced budget and tried to satisfy the people in a diplomatic way. He asked Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely to visit rural areas of UP, Punjab and others which very close to New Delhi to understand the plight of the farmers and prepare plans for their welfare. Congress leaders Kallige Tharnath Shetty, Arun Coelho, Karunakar Shetty and other party leaders were present in the press meet.



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