Provide better quality treatment at Govt hospitals: Minister tells doctors

Bengaluru: Minister for Health K R Ramesh Kumar has advised government doctors to provide better treatment for patients at the government hospitals to make them not to go to private hospitals for treatment.

Speaking after releasing the calendar of department of health at Vikasa Soudha, Minister Ramesh Kumar opined that quality treatment was not provided at the government hospitals. “Patients will go to private hospitals for treatment when they could not get quality treatment at the government hospitals. It is not good for us to complain against private hospitals,’’ Minister Ramesh Kumar said.

The minister advised the doctors to consider providing quality treatment at the government hospitals as a challenge. “People will not visit private hospitals if quality treatment is provided at the government hospitals. People visit private hospitals due to lack of quality in treatment at the government hospitals,’’ the minister said.

He said the health department has efficient officers like Shalini Rajneesh and Subodh Yadav and the staffs of the health department should work hard in their direction. “These officials are very honest and sincere. I want the staffs of health department to avail their guidance to ensure a conducive atmosphere at the government hospitals. The people should prefer the government hospitals than private hospital for treatment,’’ he said.

On Supreme Court judgment

Commenting on the Supreme Court judgment outlawing seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language, Minister Ramesh Kumar has welcomed the Supreme Court judgment. “Our Constitution has prohibited seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language but this menace was on the rise day by day. Now, the Supreme Court has done a good job on this menace. An elected representative will do a good job if he got elected based on his qualification. He can work for a particular purpose if elected based on caste or creed or even religion,’’ the minister said.

On Srinivas Prasad joining BJP

The minister has expressed disappointment over former revenue minister V Srinivas Prasad joining BJP. “It was not required for a leader like Srinivas Prasad who has some principles. He was not supposed to join hands with BJP. I cannot predict what is store in future. Time will decide it. I opine that Srinivas Prasad, who has some principles, should not have joined BJP,’’ the minister said.



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