Phytoplasmal root wilt disease threatening coconut plantations

Kasaragod: Phytoplasmal root wilt has resurfaced in many coconut plantations across Kasaragod and areas bordering Karnataka due to the sudden rise in day temperatures, causing extensive damage.

Lethal yellowing of coconut palms occurs at the initial phases, which eventually destroys the entire yield, say experts.

Nileshwar, Kapad, Parappanagadi and places around Ullal are the areas affected by the disease which is likely to spread rapidly, if measures are not taken to control the same.

Worms multiply in number at the root of coconut palm and the disease spreads to nearby trees gradually. The state agricultural department has not taken any measure to combat the disease whereas the Central Coconut Research Station is busy trying to find remedy for this infestation which is posing a real challenge even to the experts.


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