People of Smart City cannot read ‘No Entry’?!

Mangaluru: Shortcuts are better sometimes when we are in urgent need; to reach sooner a distant place but not at the cost of inconvenience of the others.

A similar incident was seen near the sleek path near Padua College. This sleek road leading to Sarbathkatte is partially concretised and half of it remains in bits and pieces. People travel through this path to save time and reach early by evading the traffic near KPT.

The movement of heavy vehicles is restricted on the road and the traffic police have also installed a signboard saying, “NO ENTRY FOR HEAVY VEHICLES” just for namesake. The authorities have also turned a blind eye to the erratic parking of vehicles here and the situation turns chaotic during the peak hours. The two-wheelers and cars jostle for space with heavy vehicles commuting despite restriction. The heavy vehicles pass through that road creating a mess to all the other commuters on that path.

Many heavy vehicles including school buses, tempo travellers, tipper lorries and trucks pass through this road throughout the day. The menacing traffic at KPT and Nanthoor circle is the primary reason for the heavy vehicles to take this route. Though time is saved, a lot of inconvenience is caused to the people who travel by light vehicles.
For a smart city, smart people are also needed, because everytime authorities cannot police on public actions. Though traffic police take action to curb traffic menace by putting up of signboards or restrictions, it is also duty of the public to obey the norms.


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