After parapet wall collapse, BBMP finds cracks in Scary House at Mantri Mall

Bengaluru: Days after Bengaluru’s Mantri Square Mall was closed down as the parapet wall collapsed, authorities have reportedly completed the repairs and applied to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to restore its occupancy certificate; however, the BBMP refused to do so as the expert committee constituted by Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad, noticed a crack in the wall in the Scary House.

The committee said that they found the crack and opined that it was mainly due to deflection of the cantilever slab, resulting from the loading of 5m height wall at the periphery.

The committee’s report revealed that the collapse of the portion of the cantilever slab led to the slab being structurally unsafe as it was required to support all the cantilever slabs at all levels through an appropriately designed supporting system to avoid recurrence of a similar situation.

The report has been submitted to the state government.



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