Palemar makes fresh allegation against MCC, says drinking water contaminated at Thumbe

Mangaluru: After the Mangaluru City Corporation billed his allegations of high Cloform bacteria content in drinking water pumped by the MCC as baseless, former minister and BJP leader Krishna J Palemar has stood by and reiterated his allegation.

He said that excess amount of coliform bacteria are found in drinking water supplied from Thumbe dam itself and that the consumption of this water will push the Mangaluru population into health complications ranging from diarrhoea to bone issues.

Earlier Palemar had held a press meet to put out the details of the lab test done on samples collected from over 20 spots in the MCC limits. The reports stated that there was high amount of Coliform bacteria in the drinking water pumped by the MCC and hence the water was not fit for consumption.

On Tuesday, the former minister said that his recent visit to adjoining areas of Thumbe dam showed that sewage is mixing with the drinking water and the contaminated water will put life of over 10 lac people to threat. He said that 10 places, specially in Bantwal TMC limits, which again are in the Assembly segment of the district in-charge minister will be worst hit.

“The sewage from drains and waste from the slaughter houses by the Panemangaluru-Bantwal road are directly released into the waters of River Netravati in the adjoining area of the Thumbe dam. The flowing water mixes with the water in the dam and the same is supplied for drinking. However, the Mangaluru City Corporation claims that it has been purifying the water before supply. In this case, purification refers to the addition of excess amount of chlorine to the water,” Palemar said.

He also presented a laboratory report and said that according to the report, the total amount of coliform is 1600 units per 100ml while fecal coliform is 542 units per 100 ml. The standard criterion says that the total coliform per ml should not be more than two units. The excess coliform content cannot be removed even by boiling the water.



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