Opposition parties have to introspect: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu

Bengaluru: Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday advised Opposition parties to introspect and ensure smooth functioning of Parliament.

Speaking with media persons here at Kumara Krupa Guest House, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu took the Opposition parties to the task for creating hurdles for the smooth functioning of parliament. “The Opposition parties are not sure what they wanted. One political party wanted the government rollback on demonetization, the other political party wanted to protest on the streets while the other political party wanted to create hurdles in the parliament. Is it wise not to allow parliament to debate important bills and other issues?” Minister Naidu said.

Appreciating Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking bold steps to prevent corruption and end the menace of black money in the country, Minister Naidu said the Opposition parties have described the demonetization as a foolish initiative while majority of people in the country had extended their support to the Prime Minister.
“I want to ask the Opposition parties about what is foolish. Is a fight against black money a foolish measure? Is a fight against corruption a foolish initiative? What are they objecting? Whom are they trying to fool?’’ the minister asked.

He alleged that some political parties have been busy in spreading rumours on the reported deaths of people while waiting in the queue to draw money from the ATMs.

“Why were these political parties silent when hundreds of farmers died? The Opposition parties do not want to discuss about the real problems of farmers and common man. They want to create confusion and criticize whatever government does,” he said.

On BJP’s plan to have a tie-up with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, he said that would be too early to discuss about it. “As of now there is no need for BJP to think about it,’’ he said.



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