Oman Tuluver to host ‘Family Sports Festival 2017’ in Muscat

Oman: ‘Oman Tuluver’ is one of the dedicated Tulu community based organization in Oman mainly established to unite all the Tulu speaking community around Oman to spread the fragrance of culture of Tulunadu.

After the grand success of yakshagana balle, Oman Tuluver is organizing a mega “Family Sports Festival 2017” on January 20 2017, January 27 and February 3, 2017 at Ahli Sidab Club (Omani sports club Sidab).

A varieties of games and sports will be conducted for participants under various age groups. With the overwhelming support and participation of all the coastal Karnataka Sports lovers, 104 teams will be participating in 147 matches. They are all competing to win the coveted ‘Tulunada Champions Trophy’.

The following sports activities will be conducted during this sports festival.

Team Games:

1.Men’s Cricket – 29 teams

2.Ladies Cricket – 8 teams
3.Men’s Volleyball – 22 teams
4.Men’s Throwball – 9 teams
5.Ladies Throwball – 9 teams
6.Men’s Tug-of-war – 20 teams
7.Ladies Tug-of-war – 7 teams

Sports Activities:

Variety of Sports events and fun games will be conducted on 3rd February 2017 for the entertainment of whole family.

•Kids Boys & Girls (KG1 & KG2) – 50 Mtrs. Race & Collecting Toffees.

•Sub-Junior Boys & Girls (Grade 1 & 2) – 50 Mtrs.. Race & Collecting Vegetables.

•Junior Boys & Girls (Grade 3 & 4) – 50 Mtrs. Race, Potato Gathering, Plot 4.

•Inters Boys & Girls (Grade 5 & 6)- 100 Mtrs. Race, Shuttle run & Tic Tac Toe.

•Senior Boys&Girls (Grade7,8& 9)-100 Mtrs. Race, Sack Race, 4*100 Mtrs. Relay Balance walk.

•Super Senior Boys & Girls(Grade 10, 11 & 12) -100 Mtrs. Race, Sack Race, 4*100 Mtrs. Relay & Balance walk.

•Gents & Ladies (Age 18 to 35 years -100 Mtrs. Race, Shot-put, 4*100 Mtrs. Relay & Balance walk.

•Gents & Ladies (Age 36 to 45 years) -100 Mtrs. Race, Shot-put, Goal scoring& Balance walk.

•Gents & Ladies (Age 46 to 55 years) – 100 Mtrs.. Race & Balance Walk.

•Gents & Ladies (Age 56 years & above)- Darts Aiming, Passing Tennis Koit & Aiming the Water Bottle.

•Couple – Banana Relay, Balance Walk & Music Relay.

All Oman Tuluvers Participating team will be competing against each other to clinch the ‘Tulunada Champions Trophy’ for their team, which is going to be a thrilling experience to one and all.

The core committee members Ramanand Shetty, Padmakar Mendon, Sudhir Shetty, Arun Poojary, Rajesh Shetty and Organizing committee are requesting and expecting each person’s support, encouragement and participation in the entire family sports event to make it a grand success. All the teams are requested to come in their respective team uniforms and participate in large numbers making the family event more colorful, enjoyable and successful.



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