Neena Gupta, Masaba celebrate the mother-daughter bond in this beautiful video


A mother-and-child relationship is regarded as the most beautiful bonds in the world, and one certainly does not require a Mothers’ Day to celebrate the feeling. Maa, Ayi, Amma, Mom – no matter what she is called, it is said that nature and characteristics of ‘mothers’ are universal. Love, compassion and sacrifices are often synonymous to her. To celebrate this beautiful aspect of our lives, a new video by Blush has absolutely got it right. The video featuring designer Masaba and actor Nina Gupta touches all the right chords.

The video reiterates the various shades and components of our relationship with our mothers. The voice-over of the celebrated fashion designer is poignant and emotional. Weaved together with shots of her mother, Nina doing her hair and make-up and laughing together will melt your heart.

And as Masaba asks in the video, “A mother gives birth to a child or a child gives birth to a mother?” is something hard to answer, but one thing is for sure, that one is indubitably incomplete without the other.

If you have felt that all your joys and triumphs in life is not complete without sharing it with her. If you regard your mother as your best friend and greatest critic, then this video is definitely for you. And as the narration beautifully puts it, “She is my army and I’m her warrior”. We cannot agree more, as it is always our mothers who have stood as a shield and fought many battles for you, sometimes actively while many a time motivating us not to give up.


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