MCC garbage collectors screened for cancerMCC garbage collectors screened for cancer

Mangaluru: As a part of Yenepoya Institute’s silver jubilee celebration, the Yenepoya Dental College staff conducted an oral examination of Mangaluru City Corporation’s garbage collectors in order to detect cancer, if any. Around a hundred workers were examined and were given necessary suggestions and prescriptions.

The screening campaign on January 18 was organised at the MCC depot in Kulur for “Antony Waste” workers. Yenepoya College staff attended to the workers by orally examining them to keep them clear from oral related problems. They were also given Yenepoya Cancerthon ’17 Referral Cards which entitles the bearer to avail 50 percent discount on various investigations while also offering several tests for free.

Very earlier in the day, Yenepoya Institute staff gave the workers awareness on cancer and its detection at an early stage so that it could be treated. For an hour starting from 5 am, the staff of dental college and Yen-Onco Centre spoke about the early symptoms of oral, breast and cervical cancer. Several cancer-related topics were also discussed as a part of Yenepoya’s cancer awareness campaign and the upcoming half-marathon under the banner of “Cancerthon 2017.”



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