Mangaluru welcomes nostalgic ‘Welcome Drink’ Candy

Mangaluru: Not more than a month ago, city based ice cream manufacturing company ‘Ideal Ice Cream’ introduced their nostalgic ‘Bella Candy’ of the early 80s and 90s into production. Following the success of Bella Candy, the company introduced another taste of nostalgia ‘Panak Candy’ on Makara Sankranthi.

Panak Candy is a relicious (with an intentional ‘r’) amalgamation of dominating Jaggery flavor with a tangy ginger tinge, an underlying lime flavor and a spicy pepper aftertaste. Coming from the original taste of ‘Panaka’ /pa:n^ka/ (mild sweet, spicy drink) which is served to guests as a welcome drink on special occasions at homes or places of worship; this candy indeed does taste like panaka.

Proprietor of Ideal Ice Creams, Mukund Kamath mentioned that he decided to launch this product after receiving suggestions from people to introduce a candy that can be served to friends and family instead of the actual drink.

Panaka is usually served to guests on occasions like Naagara Panchami, Makara Sankranthi and Maha Shivarathri.



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