Mangaluru City residents ask DCP to strengthen night patrol further

Mangaluru: The city residents urged the police department to strength night patrol further in Mangaluru city in a phone in program conducted at City Police Commissioners Office by the police department on Friday. DCP KM Shantharaju responded the calls from the public on behalf of city police commissioner.

The callers alleged that private money lenders are collecting 10% interest per month for the money lent by them to the needy in Puttur whereas in Mangaluru money is being lent at meter interest (meter baddi) even if there is a currency crunch in the market. Reacting to the complaints, DCP asked the callers to bring sufficient documents to prove their allegations.

There were complaints against auto, taxi drivers for taking higher than normal, fixed charges. Some of the callers complained on the vehicles plying without a number or number plate. The traffic police have started to act strictly who violate the traffic rules and this campaign will be continued till the goal is achieved, the DCP assured the public.

There were complaints on traffic signal violation, smoking, drinking in the public in some parts of the city. The callers stressed to limit the speed of the vehicles moving the city limits to ensure the safety of the walkers and other vehicles.



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