Mangalore Catholic Co-operative bank re-establishes its right over light house hill road!

Mangaluru: The MCC bank has now re-established their right over the LH hill road, Mangalore! But, of course with some of the embellishments missing. Some time ago I had pointed out their acquisition of this road with barriers with the parking place reserved for them!

After that, I had been told that these had been removed. But, today 3d Jan. when I passed that side, I noticed that they have reacquired the place but with barriers with no name on them. I also saw an interceptor van of the traffic police and thought they could help. But, the officer expressed his helplessness and asked me to get in touch with his higher officials. But, the basic problem still remains- how can a private entity take over a public road and reserve it for their parking?

Here is the picture of the interceptor van. Of course, we understand the difficulties of the police officer, But, how about the concept of equality under the laws of the land? If a poor auto driver had parked there he would have been berated and probably a case booked against him. Does the same not apply to the high and mighty lords of the bank?


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