Kuchiku of Sandalwood Darshan and Kiccha Sudeepa part ways!

The whole Sandalwood was shocked when visibly upset Darshan tweeted that he and Sudeepa, who were once known as 'Kuchuku of Sandalwood' were no more friends. The news sent shock waves across Gandhinagar.

“Me & Sudeep aren’t Friends Anymore. We are just Actors working for Kannada Industry. No more speculations please. That’s the end of it?,” tweeted Darshan.

The fans of the stars were initially surprised with the tweet. Just few days back, Kiccha Sudeepa had wished Darshan on his birthday. When everyone thought everything is fine, the tweet of Darshan had made it clear that the duo are no more friends.

The reason for the fight is said to be a video. Kiccha Sudeepa had indirectly said in an interview few years back that he had referred Darshan for “Majestic”. This has not gone well with Darshan.

In a series of tweets, Darshan posted the video of Sudeepa saying so and said that he acted in “Majestic” only due to Ramamurthy, P N Satya and Ramesh. He questioned Sudeepa of how he could take credit of something, which he has not done.

He also tweeted that he felt very bad regarding this. Fans on social media and some TV channels opined that the account of the star must have been hacked. However, Darshan clarified this morning that his account was not hacked and the he had tweeted it.

However, Kiccha Sudeepa has not tweeted anything regarding it as of now. But, it is said that Sudeepa had responded to a news channel over this issue saying that there are many people in Sandalwood who are intolerant to Darshan-Sudeepa camaraderie.

The fans of both the stars are disappointed. Darshan had also stopped following Sudeepa on Twitter. Darshan had also kept away from Celebrity Cricket League which is captained by Sudeepa.

It looks like precious bond between two titans has come to an end.



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