Karnataka Health Dept to recommend Govt to dismiss 91 doctors from service

Bengaluru: Karnataka state Health and Family Welfare department has decided to submit a report to the state government asking it to dismiss 91 doctors who were on ‘unofficial leave’ for more than 4 months. Earlier, the ministry had asked the 103 doctors to report to their respective duty before January 31 who didn't report for their duty for more than 120 days.

Out of 103 doctors, only 12 doctors have arrived to attend their duty before the deadline, January 31. Health and Family Welfare Service Commissioner Subodh Yadav said that his department would submit a report to the government asking to remove 91 doctors from the government service list.

The health and family welfare department has also asked and warned its 210 group C and D grade employees to report to their duty before February 6 who didn’t attend their duty for more than 4 months.



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