High alert in Mangaluru after reports of avian flu in Kerala rise


Mangaluru: The Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada Dr K G Jagadeesha has ordered certain measures to be followed after cases of avian flu were reported in Kerala and Ballari in Karnataka and the border areas of Karnataka including Mangaluru, which is the largest consumer of chicken from Kerala

Trains and vehicles ferrying chicken loads from Kerala to Mangaluru are being monitored. Officials at check posts at Talapady have been ordered to keep a check on the trucks carrying chicken to Mangaluru and chicken farms have been told to ‘sanitise’ the trucks before they load chicken.

The DC said that the farm owners should curtail unnecessary movement of human beings in their farms, maintain absolute hygiene and those who vend chicken inside the city and the outskirts need to maintain cleanliness in their establishments.

Following the alert, chicken traders in Mangaluru have stopped buying chicken from Kerala-based suppliers. The market, however, has not shown any erratic fluctuations in supply so far, as the local stocks are sufficient to tide over the demand for next few days. Officials in the animal husbandry department in Dakshina Kannada have sensitised the market about avian flu in the neighbouring state.

Deputy Director of the animal husbandry Dr Thippeswamy has advised the consumers of chicken and eggs also need to take care and properly cook the meat and boil the eggs before consuming. He further said that an advisory to all the stakeholders in the chicken trade to report unnatural deaths of birds to the department.


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