For a fine brew and filling meal

Biergarten pub and microbrewery is a versatile establishment with a little something for everyone

As we sit in a cosy corner-table overlooking a large open courtyard filled with diners and contemporary pop music providing a background score, it is obvious that this is a great place for a night out with a large group. This being Biergarten, the new pub and microbrewery located at Doddanekkundi on Whitefield Road. The microbrewery part is backed up by their slowly expanding range of brews, currently including classics like lager of the light and dark varieties, and as you’d expect from a place named Biergarten, German wheat beer, which is definitely worth a try if you drop in.

The drinks aside (and there are a few worth trying, like the gin and lime juice mix basil bay with a healthy dose of pineapple making a guest appearance) let us get to starters. The Biergarten chicken wings, which strike a fine balance between sweet and spice, are definitely worth a try, as is the orange scented spiced char-grilled chicken, which goes for the unique combination of delicious meat with a faint citrusy after taste. For a little extra orange, the whisky crush, with some flaming orange skin dipped in it, can provide a nice spin to the popular drink. If the stomach is still unsatisfied after all this, the German style pork spare ribs, which come with the legendary combination of barbecue sauce and fries, should set things straight.

The menu is expansive, and the starters have plenty on offer for vegetarians, from classics like onion rings and garlic bread to Vietnamese style vegetable wraps and mushroon galouti.

As far as the main course goes, the selection goes across cuisines, and diners can opt for burgers, pastas and pizzas, go Oriental with some dim sum, or look under the full square meals section for an assortment of filling dishes. Here again, there is something for everyone, though mostly of the non-vegetarian kind. Classics like bangers and mash and beer batter fish make an appearance, and Thai fans have the option of a kai pad krapow with steamed jasmine rice. For a lighter, yet rather fulfilling meal, we’d recommend lamb shanks, a simple preparation of slow-cooked lamb with herb jus, mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. The soft meat makes for a straightforward meal that tastes good, minus added whiz-bang.

Desserts are a pretty simple affair, with the specials being a de-constructed black forest cake and special ice cream sundae, though cheesecake enthusiasts would be remiss not to try the red velvet cake.

Overall, Biergarten presents plenty of options no matter what you are looking for, from a gastronomic perspective or otherwise. For those in need of a filling meal and great ambience in this part of town, Biergarten is an easy recommendation.

Food for thought

Address: 2, Doddanekkundi, Whitefield Road, Mahadevpura, Whitefield

Ambience: Open and airy, with space for large active groups and families. Decent pop music playlist

Wallet factor: Rs. 1,500 for two (approx.)


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