Father fulfills dead daughter’s wishes; returns her gold anklets, dons a new shirt!

Kerala: Prakash Raj starrer 'Kanjeevaram' has its climax in an aged protagonist father trying to clad his daughter's dead body with a half woven Kanjeevaram saree, a promise he made to himself that he would gift a silk saree to his daughter on her wedding!

Here in Kerala, a real life incident of a father hooking the gold ankles around the ankles of his dead daughter has left everyone teary-eyed because in her death, the unfortunate father fulfilled the promise he made to his teenager daughter.

Anil, a resident of Moolamattom in Uduki had pledged his daughter’s gold anklets due to financial problems. He had promised his daughter, Anagha, a 12th standard student that he would get them back by this Christmas.

Anagha loved anklets and parting from her gold anklets was painful for her. However, even before Anagha’s father could release her gold anklets, Anagha met with an accident on December 16 and remained battling for life in a hospital for ten days.

It is said that villagers pooled in over Rs 10 lakhs to take care of Anagha’s hospital expenses as Anil was too poor to make his both ends meet.
On December 23, the doctors told Anil that the chances of his daughter surviving were rather bleak and this is when Anil remembered the promise that he made to his daughter. “I will bring them back on Christmas,” Anil had told a heart-broken Anagha after she had handed over the anklets to him.

With whatever little money he had, Anil poured it into the bank and released the anklet and kept up his promise. He also fulfilled yet another wish of his daughter and that was to see him donning a new shirt.

As Anagha’s body was kept ready for cremation, Anil pulled out her gold anklets out of the pocket of his new shirt and put them around her ankles.


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