Eco-friendly Hulikkal cycles arrive in Smart City

Mangaluru: The Hulikkal brand of electric cycle was launched in Mangaluru by MLA J R Lobo on December 12 at Hamsmart, City Centre Mall.

Urging people to go environment friendly with the electric cycle, he said, “Less usage of petrol helps the economy and nature simultaneously. Electric cycle working on a battery is good for the people of all ages and sex and the people who travel to office too can have a convenient ride.”

Maurice D’Sa, Managing Director of Hamsmart, Sylvia D’Sa and Baskaran, Senior Engineer from Hulikkal Brand explained the features of the cycle and elucidated the plans for promoting e-cycle across Karnataka. S M Sawood, Managing Director, City Centre Mall, Alban Menezes, Director of Hamsmart and other guests participated in the event.

Lithium – ion battery is a very good feature that the electric cycle has. It has maximum power holding capacity. The battery can easily be removed and is portable. Charging is similar to mobile charging. The battery and the entire system are well secured and in addition to this, provision is made for insurance coverage too. The weight of the electric cycle is 25 kilograms. Connectors are of high quality with water proofing and protection from climatic variations.

The electric cycle has both the features of automatic driving and pedaling. The cycle costs just Rs 35,000 and the running cost is about 20 paisa per kilometer. One can pedal it for fitness and also for other practical purposes. It is fantastic for city rides, campus rides in a short radius. Thirty kilometres is the utility for a single time recharge of the battery. The e-cycle is approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune under no license, no registration category. It can be used by students including girls and boys since the design is made to fit both of them. E-cycle is updated with design and technology suitable for both novice and experts. A single lithium battery has a life of 30,000 kilometres. One battery can be used for five years. Battery usage can be reduced by simultaneous pedaling. Electric cycle can become a passion for the student community as well.

Discussions have been initiated with the banks to give easy installments and low interest loans to people who opt for electric cycle. Students may be able to avail them soon and that can make an e-cycle revolution in the city. With the introduction of the electric cycle, the city can reduce pollution and educational and institutional campuses, industrial and business establishments, large residential layouts etc., can promote e-cycles for internal transportation. Movement within the campus can be encouraged with a focus on fitness and swiftness at the same time. A representation is about to be moved to the city corporation authorities to consider mooting the idea of “one day in a week on electric cycles”. Socio-economic organisations and leaders are being requested to place electric cycles in the agenda of Smart City.

The company will soon introduce various other electric vehicles at affordable prices and cost effective usage.




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