It is your duty to ensure safety of passengers: DCP Patil to private bus staff

Mangaluru: With an aim of creating awareness among the private bus drivers and conductors regarding public opinion, the Police department organized a two-day sensitization and training programme.

Addressing those present for the programme, Sanjeev M Patil, DCP (Crime and Traffic), Mangaluru, presented data to show that several lives were lost due to the drivers’ negligent and reckless driving. He further said that some of the conductors were also rude to passengers.

He informed that passengers encountered several such problems while travelling by private buses in and around the city and it was highlighted during the Friday phone-in programmes conducted by the City Police Commissionerate.

Sources say that the training programme had been organized to sensitize drivers and conductors on the public opinion about them so that they can correct their behavior.

The DCP said that apart from reckless driving, another problem was the use of shrill horns. He added that this year, till date as many as 200 cases had been registered. He further said, “The department understands that you have to maintain timings, but not by putting the life of passengers and other road users at risk.”

He finally said that the drivers and conductors had to keep in mind that majority of the people depended on private buses and that they had to mend their ways, thus ensuring safety of passengers.

DCP Patil informed that the City traffic police with RTO officials would conduct a drive in Hampankatta to check licenses of all buses.



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