Dehradun rally: Demonetisation drive a `safai abhiyaan`, says PM Narendra Modi

Dehradun, Dec 27, 2016: After launching the Char Dham highway development programme in Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the project is a tribute to the those who lost their lives during Kedarnath flash floods.

Addressing ’Parivartan Rally’ in Dehradun, the PM said Uttarakhand cannot seem to wait any longer for development.

Commenting on demonetisation, Modi said the government is fighting against those who stash black money at home.

“We had said the corrupt will be punished and this is happening too. This is a ’Safai Abhiyaan’ and people of India have helped me,” he added.

If I were not backed by the countrymen, corrupt people would have attacked me, the PM said.

On `One Rank One Pension`, Modi said: “The family which ruled India for 40 years did nothing on OROP.”

Hitting out at the Opposition, the PM said previous governments could not even fulfill the basic needs of people. “Gone are those days when the public could be befooled. Politicians should understand that people now know everything.”

“I assure you that whenever you will come for Kedarnath, Badrinath yatra, you will remember this government and (Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways) Nitin Gadkari like Shravan is remembered.”

He added that the project offers employment opportunities for the people of Uttarakhand.

“Tourism is the biggest asset of Uttarakhand. If facilities are provided, which family in the country would not want to come here?,” asked the PM.


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