Corrective steps taken to address coliform bacteria in drinking water: Mayor Harinath

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru City Corporation on Friday admitted to coliform bacteria being found in drinking water samples collected from five places in Mangaluru City North and at one place in Mangaluru City South. However they maintained that there was no need to panic since the civic body had taken corrective steps.

Speaking to media persons, Mayor Harinath said that the bacteria had been found in water samples collected from Sunkadakatte, Krishnapura Vishwanatha temple area, Katipalla-Krishnapura Block II Masjid area, Krishnapura VII Block area, Padupadavu (all Mangaluru City North) and Vadiraja Nagara, Alake (in the south) due to a mix-up of sewage water with drinking water since the pipeline carrying the drinking water supply as well as the underground sewage network had been damaged simultaneously while earth-movers carried out digging activity to lay underground sewage network in these areas.

He further added that the damaged pipelines have been repaired and supply of clean water to the residents has begun.

However the same can be confirmed only after laboratory reports of water samples collected for the second time.

The Mayor said that the civic body had sent samples to the Department of Fisheries Microbiology, College of Fisheries and to the laboratory of District Surveillance Unit, near Mangaluru Central Railway Station. The samples for the first time were also tested in those laboratories.

He said that no water contamination has been found in samples collected from Panambur pumphouse, Kulai pumphouse, Govinda Dasa College, Janata Colony and from near the house of Idya Vasudeva. Water samples collected from 28 places across the city tested negative for coliform bacteria and there was no water contamination in the source of drinking water supply to the city, i.e., the Thumbe vented dam adding that,  “in 98 per cent areas of the city, clean drinking water is being supplied.”

The issue of coliform bacteria content in drinking water was raked up by J. Krishna Palemar, former district in-charge Minister, at a press conference recently.



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