CMM Arena to bring out Masterchefs among Mangaloreans

Mangaluru: Apart from the array of products lined up and neatly arranged, it is the magnanimity of the CMM Arena building that captures the eye of every passerby on Chilimbi road in the city. Another captivating part of this megastore is the cooking competition which will be conducted by CMM Arena on January 22, 2017.

‘Masterchef’ the Cooking Contest will be organized by CMM Arena Megastore in order to give a platform to home cooked meals to be appreciated by the judges and guests of the event. The competition will be held on the terrace floor of CMM Arena building for two and half hours starting from 2.30 PM.

The interesting part about this contest is that the participants are required to get food cooked from home which enables them to use any ingredient or method of cooking. Judges will select the winner based on Recipe, taste and presentation of your dish. Satvik foods are also encouraged by the organizers along with other veg and non-veg recipes.

Prizes to be won include several household appliances which will help in everyday activities apart from which, ten gift vouchers will be distributed as consolation prizes.

Registration for the contest will close on 15th January 2017 and interested participants can call +91 91 08 001 361 for free registration. ‘Masterchef’ contest is co-organized by Lions Cub Mangalore division and ‘Shri Sahara Nature Cure Center’.

The event will be free for all and participants can cook either vegetarian or non vegetarian food.





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