Caught on camera: Woman molested in Bengaluru on New Year’s eve

Bengaluru: In a shocking CCTV footage, two men on a scooter are seen blocking a woman's path on a street in Bengaluru, getting off and then groping her on December 31 night. However, passers-by have not come forward to the victim’s rescue. The shocking video has emerged amid a nationwide outcry over women allegedly being molested en masse at a public celebration of New Year's eve in Bengaluru.

The incident is said to have taken place around 2:30 am on Sunday and was recorded by a camera installed at a house off Kammanahalli 5th Main Road in East Bengaluru. In the video, the woman is seen getting off an auto-rickshaw and walking towards her home apparently just metres away. Lurking in the shadows on a scooter that is kept running, one of two men leaps at her and forces himself on her.

As the woman resists and slaps him, the man drags her towards his partner and pins her down.

It was said the incident was brought to the notice of media outlets and reported to police by the residents of the house whose security camera recorded the incident.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Praveen Sood has promised to take action against the culprits. Banaswadi police have registered a case and are investing.



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