BBMP tells hotels not to serve customers who eat take-away food on footpath

Bengaluru: One of the common complaints of pedestrians in Bengaluru city is encroachment of footpaths- both in residential and commercial areas and the sad part is that despite the High Court direction, the BBMP has failed to ensure that pedestrian are given adequate footpath to walk safely. But, it now looks like the footpaths will be soon cleared off.

One of the common scenes in the city is that hotels and fast food centers have been using footpaths to serve their customers. Legally speaking these hotels or fast food centers cannot be held responsible as they are not operating on footpath. It is the customers who should be responsible.

According to a latest circular issued by the BBMP, food joints/ hotels have been asked to not serve food to those who eat standing on the footpath next to the shops. Hotel managements have been directed to ensure that their customers do not end up blocking the pedestrians.


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